Fireproof Safes


Simply put, fireproof safes is a safe box with some form of insulation in the walls and door to keep the inside cool while the outside burns up. Thicker walls and thicker doors promise a no-holds-barred defense against fire.

Fireproof safes provides safety and security for your essential documents and most valuable possessions while affording you the peace of mind that comes from being prepared in the event of fire or an invasion of your home or office.

What are fireproof safes made of? Fireproof safes are built with two walls of metal that holds a fire resistant material: mineral wool, calcium or sodium silicate, perlite and vermiculite, or fire protected concrete. The door is further protected by a fire seal that expands in case of a fire, and gives a protection from heat and water.

Weierxin Safe has a variety of fireproof safe options to choose from. Varying in size, storage capability, and price, you'll be able to find the right safe for your needs. Our main color is white, black and gray. And our fireproof safes has passed the fireproof certification. In additional to the regular size, we can also make customized size. Also, the colors can be customized.    

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