Gun Safes


Being a gun owner comes with lots of responsibility. You must know how to use, clean, and care for your firearms properly. You also have a duty to keep your firearms out of the wrong hands. You must properly secure them so that children, criminals, and other unauthorized/untrained individuals don't have access. Gun Safes will make you feel safe and secure by doing an excellent job of maintaining your firearms, locked away and secure.

Weierxin Safe owns more than 10 years safes manufacturing experience. It has a variety of fireproof safes options to choose from. We have 3 styles gun safes: gun cabinets, fireproof rifle safes and handgun safes.

Gun Cabinets are an inexpensive alternative to a full blown gun safe. While gun cabinets lack a fire rating and serious burglary protection, gun security cabinets do an incredible job of locking up your firearms and ammunition keeping them out of the hands of children and the casual guest.

Fireproof rifle safes, with fire ratings from 30-120 minutes and gun capacities that can store anywhere from 1 to 100 rifles. It has a carpeted interior specially designed to protect your valuables, keeping them guarded and free from scratches.

Handgun safes is designed with advanced security features to provide proper storage and protection for your guns and pistols. Built with solid steel construction our gun safes are durable enough to protect against unauthorized access and theft. Advanced locking technology, compression gas struts and interior lighting features offer discreet access to your handguns when you need it most. Our Pistol Safes are available in a variety of sizes and unique locking features to meet your needs.    

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