Depository Safes


In many circumstances, your business may need a safe that allows for frequent deposits by a variety of key people, but less frequent withdrawals by a select few employees.  A depository safe is a wise option that can streamline your process. With a convenient deposit slot–available in a variety of configurations–that accepts cash, checks, and documents, but prevents thieves from “fishing out” items, you can maintain security, convenience, and peace-of-mind.

A depository safe is a short-term cash protection system used by businesses to protect deposits from theft. Also known as a drop safe or drop box, the safe includes a hopper. Employees drop deposits made during the day through the hopper into the protected safe. At the end of the day, deposits are collected, tallied, and transported to the bank.

Drop boxes and depository safes are used by many businesses. Convenience stores, point of sale applications, hotels, motels, bars, and restaurants may all use drop boxes. An apartment manager may use a drop safe to collect rent payments. Churches sometimes use drop boxes to safeguard Sunday collections until banks open on Monday.

Depository safesare made into a locked storage compartment by way of a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse hopper or a front-loading "mailbox" type door. A front loading depository safe has a drop-down or pull-out type door where the money is deposited. When the money is dropped into the safe, it falls into a secure locked storage area.  A reverse hopper has the money drop on one side of the safe where the cash deposits drop down into a secure storage area that opens from the opposite side. Rotary hoppers require dropping the money into the top slot and then turning the rotary to drop the money down into the locked compartment.     

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