Vault Doors


Vault doors serve a purpose to protect your most valuable property and they can also provide a critical shelter of last resort for yourself and loved ones.

Weierxin builds an industry leading a quality vault door with superior craftsmanship and the toughest security features. We offer many vault door styles to suit your needs.  We offer a basic vault door and escalates to the highest level of security vault door.

The differences are steel thickness, steel liners, locking and handle options, door finishes, fire protection options, door backings, door racks and shelves as well as power and lighting options.

There are many options you can have your vault door equipped with that will provide extra security. Depending on how you want the vault door to look, you can have the door painted with a high gloss paint or a textured paint for a matte look. You can also have your vault door covered in stainless steel for a very cool look and added security. Pinstriping is an option that adds a certain class to the door. It just looks great and we will pinstripe customized words onto the door for you. There are various types of handles from a 5 spoke to simple down spoke handle. There are different types of locks we offer from just key, to manual lock, to digital, to biometric depending on what you desire.  You can save big bucks by opting for the easy installation application which makes it very simple to install the vault door to your walls.     

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